Rubicon Peak

John Morrison skiing the west shore of Lake Tahoe during a rare, cold and deep, storm cycle. Photo: Ming Poon


Rubicon is a gorgeous, treed peak on the West Shore of Tahoe with outstanding views of Lake Tahoe to the east and Desolation Wilderness to the west. Providing nearly 2000 feet of treed, old growth, fall line skiing on north and east aspects, Rubicon contains few avalanche start zones, preserves cold snow and makes for a great half or full day out, even on storm days.

The Issue

Parking at Rubicon is very limited. When plowed, no more than 10 vehicles can fit into the dead end of Highview Court, where the skin track begins. During large storm cycles or in years of deep snowpack, skiers can begin their day along CA 89 to add nearly 700’ of descent, but parking along CA 89 is extremely limited. Unfortunately, each year we receive reports of ticketing at both the lower and upper parking zones when people have reportedly parked legally. The inconsistency in ticketing and lack of available parking are primary reasons TBA has focused on Rubicon as a project site.

TBA would like to achieve a solution in which the backcountry community can have consistent, legal access to the USFS public land encompassing the Rubicon Peak backcountry.

TBA Proposed Solution:

The end of Highview Court is blocked by an unused, US Forest Service gate that blocks access to a graded, gravel flat behind it, owned by El Dorado county. Working with neighbors, land managers from both the USFS and El Dorado County, TBA proposes the following:

-Remove the current gate, expanding access to the graded gravel flat on El Dorado County land

-TBA covers cost of grading and paving flat area currently behind the gate

-TBA pays for plowing of parking area each winter, ensuring backcountry access

How to Help: 

Have comments and/or ideas? Contact local land managers and voice your opinion. Thoughts for us? Click below and share your comments and ideas.



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