Four years ago…

Tahoe backcountry riders unexpectedly lost a significant amount of trailhead access to world class riding on the west shore of Lake Tahoe due to lack of awareness by policy makers. TBA was a small, young organization but it rallied the community to redress these errors that would have had a
catastrophic effect of winter time public lands access for a variety of users. With numerous descent options, 360 degree views from the summit, and a consistently deep Sierra snow pack, these peaks deliver for Tahoe locals and visitors alike, if you can find parking that is. In recent years winter access to public lands in the Tahoe Basin has steadily declined while winter recreation users has continued to increase; leading to the inevitable, limited parking and reduced access.

Recognizing the need for increased access, TBA has actively pursued a number of projects that would result in more parking at some of the more popular and overcrowded trailheads in Tahoe. While TBA recognizes that parking is an issue, they also recognize that there are more options for increasing access. This winter TBA will implement a Micro Transit Pilot Program for the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. Starting with three Saturdays (January 18 th , February 15 th , and March 14 th ), TBA will offer a free shuttle from the Transit Center in Tahoe City to the more popular backcountry destination along the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. Dropping off and picking up skiers every two hours throughout the day, TBA hopes to draw attention to the access issues in the Basin while demonstrating the viability of Micro Transit to ease some of the congestion issues that will likely continue to increase as the popularity of backcountry recreation continues to grow.


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